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Veggies noodles




My friend told me about this little tool he got at Bartells for 14,99 that makes veggies noodles. I got very excited about and ran to the store to buy one for myself. It is very easy to use i just put zucchini and yellow squash inside twist around and voila it makes delicious noodles.


I tried with carrots also and worked great. I made the veggies noodles and some homemade tomato sauce with some grilled chicken and lunch was ready.

Amazing thing about it is that taste almost like noodles but it isn’t and also is very healthy. If you don’t have it and still wants to have veggies noodle you can use a potato peel thing. I used before. Or cut into little pieces.





You can also use it on cucumber to make salads. Yummy and healthy. Eat pasta without feeling guilty.


Rutabaga recipe


Other day I bought a rutabaga just because I saw it in the supermarket and I never ate before so I decided to buy one. I stared at it for 3 days and I didn’t know what to do with it. On the fourth day I decided to bake it and it was really good. From now on I am using it as a substitute for potatoes on my recipes, because it taste a bit like potato.

Rutabaga is a root vegetable that originated as a cross between the cabbage and the turnip. Rutabagas are an excellent source of vitamin C, also contain fibers, and a good source of potassium, manganese, and thiamin.

Okay, going back to what I was saying before, I shopped my rutabaga into cute little cubes and  with carrots, olive oil, pepper and pink salt and baked for 35 minutes or until it was soft.



It turned out great and it is now one of my favorites.



I am challenging myself to try two different vegetable per week. Last week I tried rutabaga and turnip. So far I liked both.

Hope you all have a excellent week. 🙂


Pessoal, do Brasil esse aqui e uma receitinha bem fácil com couve-nabo que fiz semana passada. E so cortar em cubinhos adicionar azeite de oliva, sal do himalaia e algumas cenouras e assar por aproximadamente 30 minutos. Bem fácil e saudável. E uma delicia. Bjs


Receita saudável de berinjela

       Você sabia que existem cerca de 7500 variedades de tomate?

      Tomates são ricos em vitamina C também contêm ferro, potássio, fósforo, vitamina A, vitamina B e fibras. E contêm o caroteno um antioxidante natural. Melhora a capacidade da pele para proteger contra os raios prejudiciais UV.

Esta é uma receita super fácil e deliciosa.

Você vai precisar de:

– 1 berinjela inteira- Cerca de dois tomates- Um pouco de queijo ralado  queijo de sua escolha (eu estou usando mussarela)- Orégano (opcional)

Primeiro lave a berinjela e os tomates em água fria.

Corte a berinjela em cerca de 2 a 4  centímetros de espessura.

Coloque-os para assar  em 200C  por aproximadamente 15 minutos, em seguida, vire as rodelas de berinjela para o lado oposto e asse por mais 15 minutos. Tome cuidado para não queima-los. Depois disso, corte os tomates e adicione uma  fatia de tomate para cada fatia de berinjela.

Coloque um pouco de queijo em cima do tomate e leve ao forno novamente por 5 a 7 minutos. Se quiser pode adicionar um pouco de orégano sobre o queijo.

Prontinho… 🙂

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