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Getting a puppy

We got a PUPPY…yay.

After lots of research,  we finally chose the kind of dog we wanted. We chose Beauceron a French dog because he life span is 10-13 years; he does not have big health problems and he likes exercises. Also he is not so hairy and is a friendly dog. He is from CA and he got in Seattle just last Saturday. He is 8 weeks now.We named him Bigwig.

First day with him was so amazing. We took him to some little walks and everybody stopped us to play with him because he is so cute. He loves kids and other dogs. Our first day photos.

Playing with daddy

Sleeping like a baby

A beer lover ahaha

Finally some peace in the apartment

Now comes the worse part. Potty training, behavior, chewing  and everything else. So far he is learning everything slowly except the chewing part. I am reading a lot about how to training him but nothing is really working so well. He likes chewing my pants, shoes, blankets, plants etc. He has lots of toys but he likes chewing other stuff too. How do I fix that? Any tips?

I love him very much and I can’t wait for him to grow up so I can have a running partner. He is so cute and annoy. Any tips about his training will be really helpful.


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