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Helping my best friend plus healthy arugula salad



This week I am dedicating my post to my best friend ever Leila. She is being my best friend for so long that I feel like she knows me better than I do. We haven’t seen each other since 2008 but our friendship continues the same.

This is my best friend, me and our friend. This picture is from 2007 I believe.


This Sunday she told me, that she is having some troubles losing weight. She got some extra pounds over those 5 years and is having a really hard time to get back in shape.

This week she went to a nutritionist and  decided to do everything right with  healthy foods and exercises. I am very proud of her and for that reasons I have decided to give her all the support I can.

I started to eat really healthy on Monday same days as she did. For now on we are supporting each other on that not only for weight lost but mainly for our health and well being. Every time I feel like eating something bad I will think about her and I will not do it.

Anyway, this is one of my salads for this week. Amazing and  delicious with all the vitamins you need. I made just for myself so if you sharing with someone just add extra amounts.

Ingredients for the salad:

– Arugula

– Fresh boiled beets

– One strawberry

– 7 raw almonds

– 1/2 avocado

–  one tablespoon of goat cheese

– some slices of cucumber


A mix of a little bit of lemon juice, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, honey, mustard, and red wine vinegar (optional).

The salad with dressing is yummylicious.


Don’t ever think you are alone. There are always people that would love to help you to get healthier and better about yourself. Enjoy the salad.

Here is a pictures of my little puppy. He is getting bigger.



Boosting Body-Esteem

I was reading a new book I bought and I found this. I really like and thought in share it with others. Because life is so short and beautiful for be wasted thinking about tomorrow. Let’s do it now.

Here a few suggestions to make you feel better about yourself:

– Think about all the things you’ve promised yourself you’ll do when you have a better body. Pick one and do it today.

– Identify the kind of activity you love and do it today.

– Wear an outfit that compliments how you feel when you are doing your chosen activity.

– Focus on the details of your movements, such as how you feet touch lightly on the floor. Focus on the subtle motions of your face, arms, hips,legs,hands. Do it your way. Be joyful. Be graceful.

– Treat yourself with care and respect. Give yourself healthy food, exercises,pleasures, relaxation.

– Tell yourself ” I don’t need perfect body to be happy”

– Remind yourself ” i am whole, happy, and perfect as I am.”

– Detoxify yourself of anger, resentment, unhappiness. Leave the blame behind and take pleasure in yourself.

– Dress up your best features.

– Throw out clothes that don’t fit or flatter you.

– Take stock of your magnificent intellect, spirit, and creative abilities.

( Source : The complete book of fitness. Mind. Body. Spirit. )

The most important thing you need to do is LOVE YOURSELF MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE. Because everyone has a special beauty.

Update from ” Growing your own veggies in apartment”


I have been so busy with my puppy lately so I could not blog to much. I am spending most of my time training him but he is still a crazy puppy. About 2 months ago I decided to grow my own veggies on my balcony here is the link. So today I am just giving you a short update about it.

So Here is my jalapeño. It has a little jalapeño that is growing fast.

My lavender is doing okay too.

The rosemary I already used it to cook 4 times. I made some rosemary crackers and some white beans and rosemary warm dip. 🙂



And my parsley I also used in my recipes some times.


Unfortunately my spinach and basil didn’t survive to tell their  story. 😦

I am not taking care of them really well and my puppy likes to bite them sometimes so I need keeps my eyes in all of them all the time. But I am still glad I did it because every time I need some fresh rosemary or parsley for my food they are right there I don’t need go to store and get them.

I will try grow other vegetables again and be more careful this time. Well, I have to go someone is waiting for me….

Are pets good for your health?

Pets don’t only provide companionship and unconditional love, but they also can improve your health. 

A pet keeps your cholesterol and blood pressure low. Reduz your stress,  helps fight depression and keeps your immunity stronger.

They are not only good for your heart, but also for your mood. They help you interact more with people. And force you to stay more active. By having a pet you will be healthier. 

Bigwig, our dog is with us for almost a month now. Things changed  and are still changing slowly. He helped us to be more organized. We can’t leave our shoes by the door, or our sweatshirts on the chair,  or shocks on the floor and food where he can reach. Also the time that before was for computer and/or boredom now is fulfill with walks, fun, play time, bites and love. He is like our little baby and we love him more than anything.

At the park

I love take photos of him every time because I know he will grow so fast and I will miss my little puppy.

Eating his carrot

Thinking about life as a dog

Sleeping on our pillows


He loves carrots, people, kids, socks, run,bite, sleep, play with everything except his toys, cats, garbage truck and blog. ( he always sits on my lap and watch me blogging so I guess he likes it)


Today I let him workout with me. In the first round, I lost my yoga mat.

Emotional eating


I have been trying to lose 10 pounds for about a year already. It seems impossible and I can’t remember how many times I started my diet and gave up in about 4 to 5 days.
The big problem is admitting that I have an emotional eating disorder.
Emotional eating is when you eat in response to your feelings not your body. The only way you know if you are an emotional eater or not is if:
– When your hunger comes suddenly sometimes even after you finished your meal.
– When you crave for a specific kind of food usually junk like ice cream, cake, pizza, fries, chocolate etc.
– When you are feeling full already but you can’t stop eating.
The are many causes of emotional eating such as stress, boredom, anxiety, frustration, etc.
The reasons I ended up over eating were boredom, stress, fears and sometimes I don’t even know why I do it. I have tried so many ways to distract myself from over eating but it does not help me all the time.
I do eat healthy and exercise daily but I am having a hard time controlling my portion sizes. I feel so ashamed of myself when I can’t stick to my diet and I hate that feeling, when I know I messed up again.
Once again I started my diet about 3 days ago and I know in about 2 days I may over eat again. I hope I can control my emotions this time because I don’t want to feel bad about myself AGAIN like I always do.

Sunny day in Seattle

Seattle is a great place to live with lots of parks and fun places to visit. But Seattle is cloudy an average of 226 days per year and rains about 150 days per year. Because of that sunny days are the best and everyone try to enjoy it the most. On a sunny day in Seattle everyone is out with their dogs, kids or just alone. Everybody seems happier and you can see all the mountains around us and the beautiful sky. Also the sunset on sunny days is amazing and colorful. I love the view of mountains with ice on top I have so many pictures of them.

Yesterday we went for a short walk with the little boy. He had lots of fun with other dogs and people. Here are some photos from some sunny days we had this year.

Mountain Rainier

The locks

Golden Garden park

Golden Garden park

Bigwig drinking water in a water bottle. He is a cute little boy.

Getting a puppy

We got a PUPPY…yay.

After lots of research,  we finally chose the kind of dog we wanted. We chose Beauceron a French dog because he life span is 10-13 years; he does not have big health problems and he likes exercises. Also he is not so hairy and is a friendly dog. He is from CA and he got in Seattle just last Saturday. He is 8 weeks now.We named him Bigwig.

First day with him was so amazing. We took him to some little walks and everybody stopped us to play with him because he is so cute. He loves kids and other dogs. Our first day photos.

Playing with daddy

Sleeping like a baby

A beer lover ahaha

Finally some peace in the apartment

Now comes the worse part. Potty training, behavior, chewing  and everything else. So far he is learning everything slowly except the chewing part. I am reading a lot about how to training him but nothing is really working so well. He likes chewing my pants, shoes, blankets, plants etc. He has lots of toys but he likes chewing other stuff too. How do I fix that? Any tips?

I love him very much and I can’t wait for him to grow up so I can have a running partner. He is so cute and annoy. Any tips about his training will be really helpful.

3rd Anniversary

On June 12th it was our 3rd anniversary. I feel like it was just yesterday when I decided to try the scariest thing ever that was share my life, my dreams, my PMS, my crazy thoughts and all my moments with someone else. But I always knew he was the one I wanted but thought would never find. He is not just my husband, he is my best friend, an annoying creature of the earth, my buddy and the person I want to hug so tight until his last breath come out. He is also my fake zombie and the person I never trust leaving my backpack around special before going to work. Other day I was late to work and when I got to my bus stop I found it in my backpack. It is really big and embarrassing 🙂 But he is the man I love and I have lots of fun with every day.

As usual we always celebrate everything in this house. And we went out to celebrate our anniversary. Other anniversaries we went to eat sushi but this year we decided to do something a little cheaper so we could do maybe 3 or 4 things instead of 1. We went to have dinner in a bar  and I got a hummus plate with veggies.

He got a Bratwurst and salad.

We hated the food. So we went to our favorite bar that calls Viking Tavern. We used to live super near this bar before but now we moved a little further. The reasons this is our favorite bar is because is cheap, they have a shuffleboard, a jukebox, popcorn and pork butt sandwich. Plus the bartenders are cool.

My favorite part is sit there with a cold beer and my popcorn.

My husband hates when I take picture of him. That’s why I do it all the time 🙂

Next stop was in a brazilian bar.

We missed our bus and had to walk about 2-3 miles back home and it was raining a little. Our way home there is lots of boats and at night it was looking really nice.

The next morning we decided we still had something else to do about our anniversary so we went to a park, a museum and see some interesting spots in Seattle.

Volunteer park

Volunteer park

Volunteer park

Volunteer park

Volunteer park

At children area in the Asian Art museum

Making origami at asian art museum

Asian art museum

Bruce Lee and Brandon Bruce Lee grave site at Lake View Cemetery

On a brench near house where Kurt Cobain killed himself

The house Kurt Cobain died

This was our 3rd anniversary celebration. Not too fancy but fun. And the best present for our 3rd anniversary is coming soon. And is the best ever. :0

Growing your own veggies in an apartment

About two years ago I started to think about growing my own veggies. I wondered how much it would cost? How much stuff do I need? Will this work?

Well, about two days ago I stopped thinking and decided  to try. Before that, I asked for some tips from my amazing friend Shelly. She gave me some good advice, and I got excited about having my little baby plants. We went to Fred Meyer supermarket near our apartment and chose herbs and spinach as a start.

Here is my list and prices:

Basil: $2.99

Jalapeños: $2.99

Spinach seeds: $1.79

Lavender: $1.69

Rosemary: $1.69

Parsley: 1.69

2 clay pots: $1.34 each

2 planters: $2.09 each

Organic potting soil: $4.99

Organic fertilizer: $5.99

Total: $30.68

I got home and started to move them to bigger pots right away I was happy to do that. If they do fine and everything works well I will be growing more veggies in the future.

Basil for $2.99

Jalapeños for $2.99

Lavender for $1.69

Rosemary for $1.69

Parsley for $1.69

Spinach seeds for $1.79

Organic fertilizer for $5.99

Organic potting soil for $4.99

My tools: gloves, a knife, measure cup and a bag of garbage

Basil all ready in the new pot

Parsley ready too


My seeds are in the empty pot

All done

Its been 3 days now since I got my plants and I can stop look at them to see if they are okay and if they are growing or not…haha. I know is to early but I can’t wait to see if they will be delicious in my food or not. And I had so much fun doing it because it reminds me of when I lived on the farm and we grew all of our own food and made our own stuff. We never had to go to supermarket because we had everything at home.

Any special tip about my plants will be appreciated. And I will update about their future on my balcony 🙂

Recovery days doesn’t have to be lazy day

Take some rest from working out is very important for repair, rebuild and strengthen your muscles. Recovery days allow your body to repair damaged tissues and prevent injuries caused by overtraining. I always feel guilt or bad when I don’t workout, and I am sure other people feel the same way. But rest day doesn’t not have to be a lazy day sitting at home watching tv. You can enjoy your resting days by doing something you like: kayak, walking with your dog, hiking, riding bike to the park or just doing some light exercises.

Yesterday on my rest day my husband and I went to an easy hiking. We live in Seattle, WA and there are lots of parks around, our favorite thing is checking places out, like parks, restaurants, bars, etc.

Here are some pictures of our adventure.

Discovery park

Discovery park

Jack block park

Jack block park

My husband 

Here I am crushing his head

A fun rest day is all what I needed. 🙂

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