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Home workout



Around almost four years ago I started to work out at home. Slowly I started to buy equipments so I didn’t have to go to the gym because I could not afford it. Some people said they don’t get in shape because they can’t afford a gym but that is jump one more excuse. I lost 20 pounds by working out at home just with body weight exercises and healthy food. But a year ago I got mostly of that weight back because I was suffering from food allergy and intolerances. I had to started to see a nutritionist that found my food intolerances and plans all my meals and supplements. I  lost 12 of pounds and have around 10 or less to go. Here is a little bit about how I started my home workout some years ago.

 I first got dumbbells:



I still remember that I paid $20 dollars for it. (Sorry, but my dog would not take his cute face away from my dumbbells.) I felt like adding dumbbells to my body weight exercises improve a lot but after some months it become to easy again. So I purchased the most exciting thing I have. My 40 pounds sandbag:


I just love this sandbag, I can do lower and upper body exercises and also use on my abs exercises. Months later, it was xmas and guess what was on my list? Dip station. My husband gave them to me and I also love this one. My dip station and my swiss ball are kept by my bed.



I also have this ones:





Four month ago I finally got a membership in a local gym and I am loving it. I go to gym Monday 5 days a week. Rest on Sunday and workout at home with my equipments on Fridays.

Here is my workout for today:

Repeat 3 times:

Sandbag squat: 15 reps

side leg lift on dip station: 15 reps

Push up: 15 reps

Repeat 3 times:

Dumbbells lunges with shoulder press: 10 per leg

Sit ups: 15 reps

High knees: 20 reps

Repeat 3 times:

Triceps dip using a chair: 15 reps

knee tuck: 20 reps

Super man: 20 reps

Repeat 3 times:

side plank lifts: 10 per side

Jump lunges with kicks: 20 reps

Mountain climbers: 30 reps

Took me 20 minutes to complete it.



I am working out really hard because I really need my six packs back. This picture is from today 10 more pounds to go. I am almost there. It is being really hard. I take pictures of my belly every week because it keeps me motivated. What do you do to keep yourself motivated?



My first 5 k


For two years I am planning in try a 5 k but I always felt like I was not ready for it. Last week, I signed up for “run like a viking 5 k” in Ballard Seattle. 

Por dois anos eu estava planejando participar de uma corrida, mas eu sempre sentia que não estava preparada. Semana passada eu me inscrivi numa corrida que se chama correndo como um viking em Ballard, Seattle.


It was a run dressed as a viking so I created my outfit myself.

E uma corrida once voce deve se vestir como um viking entao eu fiz minha roupa.



It was a run but I had to ride my bike for half hour to get there and half hour back home. So it was my Saturday workout. 

Foi bem divertido, mas tive que ir de bicicleta ate la correr e voltar pra casa de bicicleta entao esse foi meu exercício desse sábado. 


I was the 3rd woman to finish the run. Hope some day I be better at it. What really make this run special was this 79 old man that run the whole way super happy.

Eu fui a terceira mulher a terminara corrida. Eu espero que um dia eu corra melhor que isso. O que me deixou muito feliz e  fez essa corrida especial  foi ver um senhor de 79 anos correndo feliz da vida.


I really like the run and I am planning and doing it more often now. I noticed I run faster when other people are around. 

Eu estou panejando participar dessas corridas com mais freqüência de agora em diante, porque eu me diverti bastante e corri mais rápido do que geralmente faco quando corro sozinha.

My first 5k yay. 🙂

Learning to jump rope after 30s

First of all, spring is here yay…



Today, for the first time in my life I decided to face my fear of jumping rope. In my workout room I have one jump rope that I got from my husband in 2011. I used it once for 20 seconds and I could not jump. I was frustrated the most because everyone can jump rope except me. When I was a teacher in Brazil my student always tried push me to do it and i always said no mostly because i was embarrassed about it.

After my run with the puppy I went to the parking lot in my building with my jump rope and I tried it. It is not easy plus I kept thinking everyone in the world was looking at me and laughing because I wasn’t good. My plan was to try it for at least 10 minutes only and I DID. I’m so happy that I did. It was fun and now I will try improve it everyday that’s my new goal. I’m so excited about.

Great news, my puppy loves to run so I don’t have excuses to skip it. He is giantesco ( my word for something bigger giant )


Lately I’m been addicted to this green smoothie . Its super fast and easy to make and give you an extra energy.

In the blender mix 1 cup of water, a hand full of fresh spinach, 1 teaspoon of natural peanut butter, some honey and a scoop of vanilla or unflavored whey protein powder with 2 ice cubes. Blend all and enjoy it.


Outdoor workout

I went for a run today. I ran about 2 miles and then stopped to do my workout, after the workout ran 2 more miles. I was really tired. The weather was kind of weird and really foggy. I took some pictures just to proof.

Here check out this workout, you can do at home or outside.

* 4 rounds of the follow exercises

Back lunge kick up = 15 reps/leg sample

Step up on bench= 15 reps/leg sample

Reptile= 20 reps sample

Bench push up= 10 reps sample

Mountain climber = 20 reps sample

crunch with knee hug  = 20 reps sample

Jack jump and knee tuck = 10 reps sample 

It took me about 12 minutes to finish.

I saw an owl to bad my phone is not so good at taking pictures.

Here is the bench I use for workout latelly.

Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins makes you happy. ( I read it today and thought it would be nice to share)

Homemade vegetarian pizza and sauce recipes and outdoor workout

As Michael Pollan says in his book Food Rules “Eat all the  junk food you want as long as YOU cook it yourself”. Why? Because its easy to order a pizza or buy a frozen one in the supermarket. It takes time to make it yourself so you will not eat it often because its too much work. Other reasons I think about is that when I buy a pizza I don’t know all the ingredients they put in but when I make myself I know exactly what was used.

Saturday I was craving pizza, so I made one. I don’t remember last time I had it. Usually I eat pizza every 2 months or so but most of times I make it. I think its fun to make it and decorate the way you like.

Pizza sauce recipe

– 4 oz can of tomato paste

– 14,5 oz can of diced tomato

– 1/3 olive oil

– 2 cloves of garlic minced

– salt/pepper

– 1 tablespoon of dry oregano

– 1 tablespoon of basil

– 1 tablespoon of rosemary.( I added a little fresh basil and rosemary from my little garden also.)

– 1 tablespoon of sugar

Mix everything in a pot except the sugar bring to cook in medium heat until it starts boil. Turn off heat and add sugar. Let stand for a  hours or more to let flavors blend.

Thin pizza crust recipe

– 1/2 cup warm water

– 1 package of dry yeast

– 1 teaspoon sugar or honey

– 1/2 teaspoon of salt

– 1 tablespoon of olive oil

– 1/4 cup whole wheat flour

– 1 cup of white unbleached flour

In a bowl stir yeast in warm water until yeast is dissolved. Add sugar, salt, and oil. Mix in the flours to make a dough. Knead it for 3 minutes. Place dough in greased bowl and flip dough over in bowl so that dough top is also lightly greased.

Cover and let rise until its doubled in size, about 30 minutes. Press dough onto greased 12-inch pizza pan, pressing dough up on edges to form crust. Put on sauce and toppings.

Crust with my sauce on.

I used as topping mushrooms, green pepper, pineapple and broccoli.

Bake pizza at 400F for about 15-20 minutes, or until pizza edges are lightly golden.


Today I went for a run and I also did my workout outside in the park. The view was amazing and the weather was perfect.

I just used a branch to do some triceps exercise but most of mine exercise I did on the ground I just have a picture of my dirty hand. This was my first workout outside ever and I really enjoyed it.

Do you feel embarrassed if you are working out outside and you notice people watching you? I do.

Skeleton workout

Hello, today I’m posting my first workout plan on my blog and I am excited about it. Hope my draw skill does not hurt your eyes. Anyway this is a simple workout that does not required more than a chair to do it. Don’t forget to warm up at least 5 minutes and cool down in the end of your workout.

This workout does not take a lot of your time either. It takes about 30 minutes.

Here is the workout plan: 

You will be repeat  each exercises three times.

Timer: 21 rounds of 10/50 seconds (10 seconds is your rest time and 50 seconds do as many reps you can for each exercises)


Push up:

High knees:

Triceps dip:


Step up:

V- up abs:

p.s.. I have a gymboss timer but if you don’t have one there’s some online that you can use

Keep feet shoulder-width apart. And sit back and down like you’re sitting into an imaginary chair. Lower down so your thighs are as parallel to the floor as possible. Press your weight back into your heels. Do as much as you can in 50 seconds.

Place your toes and hands on the floor, making sure your back and arms are straight.Keep your hands slightly more than shoulder-width apart and tighten your abdominal muscles.Inhale as you lower yourself to the floor about 90-degree bend. Keep your body from touching the floor.

Lift your feet off the ground one at a time, bringing your knees high up to waist level. Do it as quick as you can.

Place your hands on the bench so your fingers are pointing to you.Lift your buttocks off the ground and straighten your legs so only your heels are on the floor.Bend your elbows out behind you to lower your buttocks towards the floor and push back up.

Lie flat on the floor with your lower back pressed to the ground and contract your core muscles. Hands behind your head, lift your knees to about a 45-degree angle. Alternately touching your elbows to the opposite knees as you twist back and forth.

Alternately step on and off chair.

Sit on floor or mat. Lie supine with hands on floor over head.

Raise straight legs and torso. Reach toward raised feet. Return to starting position.

Don’t be scared to sweat

This is my workout hope you enjoy it. 🙂

Recovery days doesn’t have to be lazy day

Take some rest from working out is very important for repair, rebuild and strengthen your muscles. Recovery days allow your body to repair damaged tissues and prevent injuries caused by overtraining. I always feel guilt or bad when I don’t workout, and I am sure other people feel the same way. But rest day doesn’t not have to be a lazy day sitting at home watching tv. You can enjoy your resting days by doing something you like: kayak, walking with your dog, hiking, riding bike to the park or just doing some light exercises.

Yesterday on my rest day my husband and I went to an easy hiking. We live in Seattle, WA and there are lots of parks around, our favorite thing is checking places out, like parks, restaurants, bars, etc.

Here are some pictures of our adventure.

Discovery park

Discovery park

Jack block park

Jack block park

My husband 

Here I am crushing his head

A fun rest day is all what I needed. 🙂

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