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Homemade peanut butter

I am so excited ­čÖé I got my first food processor ever ( thank you for my mother in law) and now I can make so many delicious recipes.

Saturday was my birthday but I was not feeling well to celebrate. Every year on my birth day I get really sad I don’t really know why I always feel that way. I miss my mom and I remember how special she made me feel on my birthday and I get really sad because I will never see her again.

So instead of celebrating my birthday I got myself some nuts and beans and start to play around with my food processor. I made salsa, hummus, and peanut butter. I didn’t know homemade peanut butter was so easy and yummy I will never buy it again. After going to Trader Joe’s to get my ingredients I made it.



I just processed it for a couple minutes and… surprise… surprise my peanut butter was ready.




Here is a quick healthy snack with peanut butter.

cucumber sandwich

cucumber sandwich


Banana with peanut butter and a little honey

Banana and peanut butter

Banana and peanut butter

Bigwig also likes peanut butter in his toy.

Bigwig also likes peanut butter in his toy.

Have you ever felt sad on your birthday??



Update from ” Growing your own veggies in apartment”


I have been so busy with my puppy lately so I could not blog to much. I am spending most of my time training him but he is still a crazy puppy. About 2 months ago I decided to grow my own veggies on my balcony here is the link. So today I am just giving you a short update about it.

So Here is my jalape├▒o. It has a little jalape├▒o that is growing fast.

My lavender is doing okay too.

The rosemary I already used it to cook 4 times. I made some rosemary crackers and some white beans and rosemary warm dip. ­čÖé



And my parsley I also used in my recipes some times.


Unfortunately┬ámy spinach and basil didn’t survive to tell their ┬ástory. ­čśŽ

I am not taking care of them really well and my puppy likes to bite them sometimes so I need keeps my eyes in all of them all the time. But I am still glad I did it because every time I need some fresh rosemary or parsley for my food they are right there I don’t need go to store and get them.

I will try grow other vegetables again and be more careful this time. Well, I have to go someone is waiting for me….

Growing your own veggies in an apartment

About two years ago I started to think about growing my own veggies. I wondered how much it would cost? How much stuff do I need? Will this work?

Well, about two days ago I stopped thinking and decided  to try. Before that, I asked for some tips from my amazing friend Shelly. She gave me some good advice, and I got excited about having my little baby plants. We went to Fred Meyer supermarket near our apartment and chose herbs and spinach as a start.

Here is my list and prices:

Basil: $2.99

Jalape├▒os: $2.99

Spinach seeds: $1.79

Lavender: $1.69

Rosemary: $1.69

Parsley: 1.69

2 clay pots: $1.34 each

2 planters: $2.09 each

Organic potting soil: $4.99

Organic fertilizer: $5.99

Total: $30.68

I got home and started to move them to bigger pots right away I was happy to do that. If they do fine and everything works well I will be growing more veggies in the future.

Basil for $2.99

Jalape├▒os for $2.99

Lavender for $1.69

Rosemary for $1.69

Parsley for $1.69

Spinach seeds for $1.79

Organic fertilizer for $5.99

Organic potting soil for $4.99

My tools: gloves, a knife, measure cup and a bag of garbage

Basil all ready in the new pot

Parsley ready too


My seeds are in the empty pot

All done

Its been 3 days now since I got my plants and I can stop look at them to see if they are okay and if they are growing or not…haha. I know is to early but I can’t wait to see if they will be delicious in my food or not. And I had so much fun doing it because it reminds me of when I lived on the farm and we grew all of our own food and made our own stuff. We never had to go to supermarket because we had everything at home.

Any special tip about my plants will be appreciated. And I will update about their future on my balcony ­čÖé

Make your own eye makeup remover

I am not a big fan of makeup. I know, I am a girl and I should love it, but I really not into makeup to much. First because I don’t know how to make any fancy make up when I use make up I look worse than without it. And second, because I don’t go to places where I need makeup. However, I do like to wear mascara often and I hate when I need to remove it before bed. It is definily a waste of my time and I hate ┬áit.

This week, thinking about that and how many times I bought eye make up remover and never work so well plus I am often worried about how many chemical the eyes makeup remover  has and how bad are they for my eyes or skin. I saw  Jillee recipe in her blog and decided give it a try.

So here is what I used:

1 cup distilled water
1 1/2 Tablespoons baby shampoo (no tears)
1 Tablespoon coconut oil
A few drops of essential oil (optional)

Heat the water for about a minute in the microwave/ or pan(I used pan I don’t have microwave :(. ┬á)ÔÇŽthen add the shampoo and the solid coconut oil. The coconut oil become liquid in the warm water. Add a couple of drops of essential oil if you like. I didn’t add the essential oil in mine.

Here my eye with mascara:

My dirty cotton ball;

My eye clean:

It cleans easy and fast. One cotton ball per eye ( and my eyes are “giantescos”, my words for really BIG).

I am happy with the results.

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