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Spicy roasted seaweed snack


Recently my doctor suggested me to try add seaweed in my diet, because it will boost my metabolism and help with food digestion. I am having digestion problem for almost two years now.
I first tried the dry version and I didn’t like it so much because it was very strong. After trying  Annie seaweed  I just got addict to this delicious snack. But the package cost around $2 and its very small.
I found a recipe online that show how to make that same snack at home by using the seaweed package I already had.   Anyway, I only use olive oil, sea salt and pepper. And after a few batches I also tried to use my cayenne pepper and the seaweed tasted even better.

Place one sheet of seaweed on a baking pan. Brush the sheet with oil with a basting brush. Add some pepper and salt on top. And put to bake on 350F for only 1:30 to 2 minutes. break then into squares or cut them and try not to eat all at once because they are delicious.




This winter isn’t bad. We are still running like rabbits.



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