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Boosting Body-Esteem

I was reading a new book I bought and I found this. I really like and thought in share it with others. Because life is so short and beautiful for be wasted thinking about tomorrow. Let’s do it now.

Here a few suggestions to make you feel better about yourself:

– Think about all the things you’ve promised yourself you’ll do when you have a better body. Pick one and do it today.

– Identify the kind of activity you love and do it today.

– Wear an outfit that compliments how you feel when you are doing your chosen activity.

– Focus on the details of your movements, such as how you feet touch lightly on the floor. Focus on the subtle motions of your face, arms, hips,legs,hands. Do it your way. Be joyful. Be graceful.

– Treat yourself with care and respect. Give yourself healthy food, exercises,pleasures, relaxation.

– Tell yourself ” I don’t need perfect body to be happy”

– Remind yourself ” i am whole, happy, and perfect as I am.”

– Detoxify yourself of anger, resentment, unhappiness. Leave the blame behind and take pleasure in yourself.

– Dress up your best features.

– Throw out clothes that don’t fit or flatter you.

– Take stock of your magnificent intellect, spirit, and creative abilities.

( Source : The complete book of fitness. Mind. Body. Spirit. )

The most important thing you need to do is LOVE YOURSELF MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE. Because everyone has a special beauty.


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