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Recovery days doesn’t have to be lazy day

Take some rest from working out is very important for repair, rebuild and strengthen your muscles. Recovery days allow your body to repair damaged tissues and prevent injuries caused by overtraining. I always feel guilt or bad when I don’t workout, and I am sure other people feel the same way. But rest day doesn’t not have to be a lazy day sitting at home watching tv. You can enjoy your resting days by doing something you like: kayak, walking with your dog, hiking, riding bike to the park or just doing some light exercises.

Yesterday on my rest day my husband and I went to an easy hiking. We live in Seattle, WA and there are lots of parks around, our favorite thing is checking places out, like parks, restaurants, bars, etc.

Here are some pictures of our adventure.

Discovery park

Discovery park

Jack block park

Jack block park

My husband 

Here I am crushing his head

A fun rest day is all what I needed. ūüôā


Detoxing cabbage juice

Cabbage has vitamins C and E, folic acid, calcium, iron and potassium. Cabbage is reported to help heal arthritis, anemia, avoid and heal cancer, wounds, boosts immune system, stimulate bowel movement for constipation and healthy regular movements, cleanse digesting system, weight loss, heals ulcers, hernia reflux relief and a lot more. This juice is also really good for hangovers because it contains glutamine, a substance that helps the liver return to normal operation and eliminate toxins that harm due to excess alcohol.Here are some more  benefits from cabbage juice:

– Increase your energy;
РHydrates the skin;
– Helps sleep better;
РStrengthen the immune system preventing colds;
– Improves cardiovascular system;
РAssist in the intestinal system


– 3 leaves of cabbage

– 2 cups of water

– 2 tablespoons of lemon juice

– 1 teaspoon of honey

Blend all the ingredients until well blended. And serve.

*Strain the blended  mixture using a cheesecloth or other strainer.(optional).

P.S. If you like add more honey for sweetness. Or add more water to make it taste less like cabbage

This is the cup of juice I strained

Is also a good way to stay away from soda, sugary juices and coffee.

This one I didn’t strain.

Suco desintoxicante de repolho

Repolho¬†cont√©m vitaminas C e¬†E, √°cido f√≥lico,¬†c√°lcio, ferro e¬†pot√°ssio.¬†Repolho¬†√© relatado¬†para ajudar a curar¬†a artrite, anemia. Tamb√©m a evitar e¬†curar o c√Ęncer, feridas,¬†estimular o sistema¬†imunol√≥gico,¬†estimular o movimento¬†do intestino¬†para a evitar constipa√ß√£o,¬†limpeza¬†do sistema¬†de digest√£o, perda de peso, cura √ļlceras, ¬†e muito mais.¬†Este suco¬†tamb√©m √© muito¬†bom para¬†ressaca¬†porque cont√©m¬†glutamina,¬†uma subst√Ęncia que ajuda¬†o retorno¬†ao funcionamento normal¬†do f√≠gado¬†e eliminar toxinas¬†que prejudicam¬†devido ao¬†excesso de alcohol. Aqui est√£o mais alguns¬†benef√≠cios¬†do¬†suco de repolho:

РAumentar a sua energia;
РAjuda a dormir melhor;
–¬†Fortalece o sistema¬†imunol√≥gico na preven√ß√£o de ¬†resfriados;
РMelhora o sistema cardiovascular;
РAuxiliar no sistema intestinal.



–¬†3 folhas¬†de repolho

–¬†2 x√≠caras de √°gua

–¬†2¬†colheres de sopa de¬†suco de lim√£o

–¬†1 colher de ch√°¬†de mel

Bata todos os ingredientes no liquidificador e sirva.

Se preferir você pode coar o suco antes de servir.(optional)




Esse copo de suco eu coei.



√Ȭ†tamb√©m¬†uma boa maneira de¬†ficar longe de¬†refrigerantes,¬†sucos¬†a√ßucarados¬†e caf√©.

Esse daqui eu não coei.


Versatile blogger award

About a week ago I was nominated for a versatile blogger award¬†by the¬†healthyfrenchie. It was a nice surprise and made my day. Thank you healthyfrenchie. ūüôā

The Versatile Blogger Award:

-Nominate 15 fellow bloggers  (or as many as you deem worthy)

-Inform the bloggers of their nomination.

-Share 7  things about yourself.

-Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to them.

-Add the ‚ÄúVersatile Blogger Award‚ÄĚ pic to your blog post

Here are some blogs I love:

РMarita sweetestsunrise 

РGretchen ggiswheatfree






-Share 7  things about yourself. Here they are:

– I love midget they are so cute and adorable

– I like create my own words or name stuff with weird words.

– Zombies I am so scared of them, and I’m not joking ( my husband gave my a zombie survival book, that didn’t help at all). I have dreams with them, and I’m always planning the perfect survival method if it happen. I believe that a virus will spread in the world and people will become monster I meant zombies.

– I am really impatient. I want everything now I can’t wait till tomorrow.

– I always wanted write a book

– I was a firefighter for about 3 years.

– My family is giant. And we all are really friends of each other.

Gluten free pancakes

Today I woke up craving pancakes. I am trying to keep away from wheat especially whole wheat flour because my belly never feels good after eating it. I am not sure if I am wheat intolerant or not, that’s why I am avoiding it.

So today, as I was saying I had this craving for pancakes and I started to play around with some stuff I had in the fridge. The results were delicious gluten free pancakes.

Here what I used:

*Makes 2 pancakes

– 2 tablespoons of trade joe’s almond meal

Р1 tablespoon of Blanched almonds flour ( got in the bulk set ion at whole food market)

– 1 whole egg

– 1 teaspoon of honey

– 2 tablespoons of flaxseed meal

– a pinch of baking soda

Рapproximately 1/4 cup of  milk

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Except the milk. Add the milk gradually if is to dry you can always  add a little extra.

After that, heat a frying pan over medium heat and pour the batter onto the griddle,  approximately 1/2 of it .

Brown on both sides and serve hot. I like eat my pancakes with honey on or peanut butter. Yummylicious.

Make your own eye makeup remover

I am not a big fan of makeup. I know, I am a girl and I should love it, but I really not into makeup to much. First because I don’t know how to make any fancy make up when I use make up I look worse than without it. And second, because I don’t go to places where I need makeup. However, I do like to wear mascara often and I hate when I need to remove it before bed. It is definily a waste of my time and I hate ¬†it.

This week, thinking about that and how many times I bought eye make up remover and never work so well plus I am often worried about how many chemical the eyes makeup remover  has and how bad are they for my eyes or skin. I saw  Jillee recipe in her blog and decided give it a try.

So here is what I used:

1 cup distilled water
1 1/2 Tablespoons baby shampoo (no tears)
1 Tablespoon coconut oil
A few drops of essential oil (optional)

Heat the water for about a minute in the microwave/ or pan(I used pan I don’t have microwave :(. ¬†)‚Ķthen add the shampoo and the solid coconut oil. The coconut oil become liquid in the warm water. Add a couple of drops of essential oil if you like. I didn’t add the essential oil in mine.

Here my eye with mascara:

My dirty cotton ball;

My eye clean:

It cleans easy and fast. One cotton ball per eye ( and my eyes are “giantescos”, my words for really BIG).

I am happy with the results.

Almond flour pita bread

I am totally in love with almond flour. Buttery flavor packed with protein and healthy fat…yummy. Researching for a low carb pita bread option. I found this gluten free almond flour pita bread recipe. Here is ¬†Michelle’s blog¬†where I found the recipe of this amazing pita.


  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 cup of water
  • 1 tablespoon oil or melted butter ( I used olive oil)
  • 1 tablespoon coconut flour, firmly packed ( I¬†didn’t have any so I didn’t use it)
  • 1/4 cup almond flour, firmly packed ( I used 1 1/4 instead no sure if I did it right)
  • 1/8 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt.

Preheat oven to 350.Whisk together egg, water and oil. Add dry ingredients, whisk well to combine.Pour into 2 equal portions onto a well greased sheet tray.

Spread each portion to a 5-6 inch round.Bake for 18-20 minutes, it will be darker in color, and slightly crisp around the edges.

Make 2 pita breads.

Here is my perfect meal. Homemade hummus, almond pita and spinach = perfect meal

My lunch:

As you noticed mine does not look as nice Michelle’s. I will make it again and post updates in case I can make it better looking pitas. ūüôā

Easy and healthy salad dressing

¬† ¬† ¬† Salad dressing¬†are always so full of salt, sugar, refined oils, artificial flavors, etc. In order to lose weight, many people eat just a salad for lunch/dinner, but they don’t ¬†know how many preservatives and harmful ingredients is in it. They may ended up having a meal with more calories than a burger. Always when eating out, ask to have your dressing in the side not on your salad, so you can watch your portion of dressing or maybe even add just a tablespoon on your salad.

     I never buy salad dressing. I make all my dressings at home because I like to know to know what is in my food.

Here is a simple and delicious salad dressing, and you don’t need lots of stuff to make it.


– 1/2 teaspoon of honey

– 1/2 teaspoon of mustard

– 1 teaspoon of balsamic vinegar

– 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar

– 1 teaspoon of olive oil

– 1 teaspoon of lemon juice

Р1 tablespoon of  green onion chopped

– a pinch of oregano, salt, pepper (optional)

Mix all the ingredients and it’s ready.

My salad: one hard boiled egg, one teaspoon of goat cheese, arugula, spinach and my dressing.

This one I had other day. Corn, egg white, lettuce.

Super easy and good for you. ūüôā

Receita saud√°vel de berinjela

       Você sabia que existem cerca de 7500 variedades de tomate?

      Tomates são ricos em vitamina C também contêm ferro, potássio, fósforo, vitamina A, vitamina B e fibras. E contêm o caroteno um antioxidante natural. Melhora a capacidade da pele para proteger contra os raios prejudiciais UV.

Esta é uma receita super fácil e deliciosa.

Você vai precisar de:

Р1 berinjela inteira- Cerca de dois tomates- Um pouco de queijo ralado  queijo de sua escolha (eu estou usando mussarela)- Orégano (opcional)

Primeiro lave a berinjela e os tomates em água fria.

Corte a berinjela em cerca de 2 a 4  centímetros de espessura.

Coloque-os para assar  em 200C  por aproximadamente 15 minutos, em seguida, vire as rodelas de berinjela para o lado oposto e asse por mais 15 minutos. Tome cuidado para não queima-los. Depois disso, corte os tomates e adicione uma  fatia de tomate para cada fatia de berinjela.

Coloque um pouco de queijo em cima do tomate e leve ao forno novamente por 5 a 7 minutos. Se quiser pode adicionar um pouco de orégano sobre o queijo.

Prontinho… ūüôā

Healthy eggplant recipe

     Did you know that there are around 7500 tomato varieties?

¬† ¬† ¬† Tomatoes are ¬†high in vitamin C ¬†also contain ¬†potassium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin B and fiber. ¬†And¬†contain the¬†carotene¬†a natural antioxidants. Improve the skin’s ability to protect against harmful UV rays.¬†

This is a easy recipe that taste really yummylicious.

You will need:

– 1 whole eggplant

– About two tomatoes

– And some cheese of your choice( I am using mozzarella)

– oregano ( optional)

Wash the eggplant and the tomatoes  in cold water first.

Slice eggplant in about 2 inches thick.

Put them for baked in 400F for about 15 minutes then turn them over and bake 15 more minutes. Keep checking on ¬†them so you don’t burn. After that, slice the tomatoes add one slices of tomatoes on each slice of eggplant.

Place some cheese on top of tomato and bake again for 5 to 7 minutes. You can add some oregano on the cheese.

Ready… ūüôā

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